Software and Electronics

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AUC (Arbitrary Unit Calculator) A calculator that support arbitrary units.
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Termbreak Terminal based Breakout clone.
One-Handed Chorded Keyboard Thumbnail
One-Handed Chorded Keyboard A one-handed chorded keyboard inspired by Douglas Engelbart's Keyset.

Art Thumbnail Galleries of my photography and digital paintings.
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Caliper Painting Timelapse A timelapse video of the making of my painting "Caliper".
2D to 3D Conversion Thumbnail
2D to 3D Conversion A brief overview of the process of converting a 2D image to a 3D autostereogram.
Spheres Study Thumbnail
Spheres With Different Surface Textures (Study) A study on surface texture. Done in Procreate on an iPad 2 and a capacitive brush from Joystickers (now defunct).