Software and Electronics

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AUC (Arbitrary Unit Calculator) A calculator that support arbitrary units.
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Termbreak Terminal based Breakout clone.
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Ergonomic Paper Paper with curved lines for more ergonomic writing, and software to flatten it.
One-Handed Chorded Keyboard Thumbnail
One-Handed Chorded Keyboard A one-handed chorded keyboard inspired by Douglas Engelbart's Keyset.

Art Thumbnail Galleries of my photography and digital paintings.
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Caliper Painting Timelapse A timelapse video of the making of my painting "Caliper".
SCS Desktop Thumbnail
CMU SCS Desktop (1920x1200) A desktop background I made for the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, featuring the school's mythical mascot, the dragon.
Ceramics Taxonomy Thumbnail
Taxonomy of Ceramics Techniques My attempt to categorize the various ways one may manipulate clay. Adapted from my Ceramics I final paper.
2D to 3D Conversion Thumbnail
2D to 3D Conversion A brief overview of the process of converting a 2D image to a 3D autostereogram.
Spheres Study Thumbnail
Spheres With Different Surface Textures (Study) A study on surface texture. Done in Procreate on an iPad 2 and a capacitive brush from Joystickers (now defunct).


Uniform Sheet Music (PDF) A sketch of a novel sheet music system designed to be less "C-major" centric. It is designed for use with the Janko keyboard.
Electric Violin Thumbnail
Electric Violin An electric violin of my own design.